Tuesday, February 13, 2018

TTM Success: Chasen Shreve

367 Days!

I forgot about the possibility of TTM successes from LAST spring, but I've gotten two so far. Those are nice surprises.

This one came back to me in 367 days. Mailed on 2/10/17, and received on 2/12/18.

Topps Gold from 2015 looks pretty sweet. I'm definitely glad I sent this card, as it was a unique choice.

Shreve has turned into a pretty good reliever for the Yanks. I never would have guessed he'd give the Yankees more than Manny Banuelos ever would, but that's just what has happened.

Thanks, Mr. Shreve!


  1. What's the return that took the longest time to get back to you? Mine has to be a return from AJ Burnett that took two years.

    1. I honestly don't know. Probably 12-14 months. I don't know since I lost my very large spreadsheet on a work computer (my mistake), so only have from June 2015 onward. Plus I've moved so many times I'm sure I've missed TTMs to old addresses.

  2. It's nice you got the card back even after a year. At what point, if ever, do you give up?