Monday, February 24, 2020

The Best Cards from The Best Bubble

Recently Bob from The Best Bubble reached out about a small trade. I hadn't traded with him yet, so it was an easy yes, especially because he promised some Tinos! Bob is a newer blogger and collects a bunch of fun genres, so go on over and check out his blog HERE.

The best card to me - at least in terms of that I needed - was this Tino Martinez from 2020 Pacific Paramount. I definitely didn't have the green foil parallel of this card, and was surprised to see it included in the package. Really nice card to check off the list.
And I told you there were more Tinos.
Bob also collects die cuts, so I hope it wasn't too hard to give away this card. It's so pretty!
As is this Luis Severino All-Star jersey card. The 2017 jerseys - from Miami - were such a bright blue!
One of my other favorites were these two cards from Stadium Club - Power Zones of Gleyber and Andujar. I've always enjoyed the Power Zone insert set!
Bob, thanks for reach out, and I promise to get you some cards in return very soon!


  1. Pacific! There just isn't enough Pacific on the blogs.

    1. I agree. Although I wasn't a big fan of Pacific cards back in the 90's... I do enjoy seeing people write about them. And it seems like when they do, there's always a parallel or insert involved that I've never seen before. I have a bunch of Pacific parallels from the 90's (mostly hockey), but don't think any of them are green. Very cool card TLC.