Saturday, February 8, 2020

While I wait for Series One...

Despite my lack of general excitement for 2020 Topps Series One, I still plan to pick some up this weekend. I have some Target gift cards for Christmas, and I usually save them for this occasion. I'll venture out at some point and hopefully will find a blaster or hanger box.

I do have a Yankees team set on the way that I'll use for my Topps Yankees Project TTM requests. I usually order a second to keep intact.

Anyways, while I wait, a few cards did roll in this week, including some TCDB trades. I'll get to those in another post.

This week's eBay mail days consisted of Yankees prospects. For some reason I continue to buy their cards. I haven't gotten any Clarke Schmidts lately because the secret about him being underpriced is out. I'm glad I stocked up when he did. If he has a big Spring Training, I'll definitely unload some because I bought too many.

It's not often you can get the Yankees first rounder for dirt cheap, but I guess that's what happens when all the focus is on Jasson Dominguez. So I found these two Anthony Volpe cards, and won them for a very affordable price. I hope he lights it up this year!
Another guy gaining some traction in the Yanks system is Antonio Cabello. I won this for the minimum bid of $0.99 (Yes, ZZ, it cost $3 to have it shipped so it was $4.34 after shipping and tax). His signature really stinks. One of the worst I've ever seen, I think.
The last card...WTF? Just kidding, I bought it on purpose. I traded it to a guy on TCDB, but after a month he told me the card never arrived, but said not to worry about it. I still felt bad, so I ordered a new one and was going to ship it to him. Right before the replacement arrived, he sent me a note and said it DID actually arrive. So now I have it. I guess I'll put it back on TCDB. At least it's a popular player.
Alrighty, so the 2019 NL ROY and two dudes who might never reach the majors. I guess it really is time to open some 2020 Topps.


  1. I'm pretty sure you already know this but I think the Volpe prices are where they are because of a combination of Dominguez overshadowing everybody, and because the only people who'd want to "invest" in Volpe cards know that these cards aren't going to hold nearly the same amount of value they have now when his Bowman Chrome autos drop.

    Nice additions though. Cabello's signature is kinda poor but it's still ink and for $5> I'm willing to excuse it.

  2. Panini Stars & Stripes are a solid way to add some prospect autographs to your collection for a fair price. I've got a box of maybe 20 to 30 autographs and jersey cards that I picked up on the cheap that I'll open in a few years to see if anyone panned out. #fingerscrossed.