Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tino Tuesday's #15: 1999 UD Choice Reserve

This card came to me from Tony of The Common (Card) Man. I had luckily won a contest of his, and part of my prize was a bunch of Tino's I didn't have. I appreciate any time someone digs up a new Tino for me, so the fact that Tony sent me a bunch was awesome.

UD Choice, formerly Collector's Choice, were affordable cards in the late '90s. I was a teenager then and I was always drawn to these sets because I liked the inserts, plus I could afford the packs. The design was always simple but nice, player selection was good, and the inserts were fun for a kid.

I had the base card, but Tony sent me the numbered parallel called "Choice Reserve." It is #'d 12/100, and it's special anytime I have a Tino with a print run that low. Most of his serially numbered cards came out when this was still the cool new thing, and cards were numbered to like 5,000. The words "Choice Reserve" are patterned in the background and it has a similar look and shine to modern-day X-Fractors.

Tony, this card is awesome. Thanks again!

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