Monday, November 14, 2011

TTM Success: Steve Karsay (and it's an important one)

On Saturday, I received two little white envelopes in the mail. The first contained this TTM success from Steve Karsay:

In the title I mentioned that this was an important success for me. This success took just 22 days. I had a success with him a few months back, but I recently acquired a 2003 Topps Karsay. I needed 2003 Topps for my Topps Yankees Project, as it was the only year I didn't have. Well, now I do and my project is complete until 2012! That's 61 different signed Yankees cards from Topps from 1951 - 2011. Each player is different; no one repeats. I'm very proud of this project, and in the next few days I'll show it off, decade by decade. Stay tuned!