Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Topps Yankees Project: the 1950's

Let’s start off with the 1950’s for my Topps Yankees project. This actually was not the most difficult decade to complete. I’d say the ‘00s were. The ‘50s weren’t too bad once I acquired the cards. It was scary sending off a vintage card from the 1950’s, as there is always the risk it won’t return. However, I had a 100% success rate with each card from this era.

I had originally planned to start in 1952, but when I came across 1951 Topps cards (I didn’t know they existed until this year), I had to add them to the set. Luckily Jerry Coleman is a great signer and I was able to add this to the Project.

Without further ado, here are the leadoff hitters for this project:



  1. Great start. I love me some 1951 Topps red/blue backs. I only have one but always wanted to get more.

  2. Nice cards! (By the way, I think you showed more 1950s cards in this post than I have in my collection.)

  3. My friend's son is obsessed with Trucks. And trains. And buses.

    I think it's kind of neat to see the player's real signatures next to the facsimile ones, done all these years later. Some of them are still exactly the same, while others have changed a bit. (On the flip side, I don't care much for facsimile autographs on cards. Oh well.)

  4. Way to break it down. I was hoping you'd do that.