Monday, October 27, 2014

1998 Donruss Collections - an interesting set concept

Recently, I picked up two Tino Martinez cards from 1998 Donruss Collections. I wasn’t sure what these were. Baseballcardpedia is actually quite helpful – I will quote directly from there:

1998 Donruss Collections is a massive 750-card Topps Chrome-esque parallel brand that draws from four previously released sets: 1998 Donruss Series One, 1998 Leaf, 1998 Donruss Elite, and 1998 Donruss Preferred. Like Topps/Bowman Chrome, all cards are printed on chromium stock and feature Refractor-like parallels.
The set is fractured so that the 200 Donruss cards are the most common and the 200 Donruss Preferred cards are the rarest -- in fact, according to Donruss only 1400 copies of each Donruss Collections Preferred cards were printed.
Each card is sequentially numbered twice: Its regular card number in the original set, and its place in the Donruss Collections set. For example: Derek Jeter is card #8 in the 1998 Donruss Elite set; but in Donruss Collections Elite, Jeter is #408
So essentially, it’s a “best of” from the year. I think Topps could do a cool set like this, actually. Take the best/most memorable 50 cards or so from each product and make a Topps Collections-type set. Although, back then, they didn’t have a bunch of different cardstock discrepencies like there are now.

While these all look a bit differently, they are tied together by the chrome-like cardstock and the “Donruss Collections” stamp. Topps could simply print all the designs on one stock, and stamp them accordingly. Overall, pretty cool idea for a set of cards. I'd be on board with something like that.

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  1. Nice Tino additions.

    Although a set like that would have me confused and lost in a second. And I'm a guy who tried to keep up with Bowman and Leaf lol.