Thursday, October 30, 2014

This card tricked me

I got a new Tino relic in the mail the other day. Plain grey swatch. It happens. But you know, nice, low-numbered gold parallel. I liked it.

Then I looked at the card a little closer. Notice anything?
Not yet?

Ok, here's a hint. Team.
See that? Cardinals!

Annoying! I still collect Tino Cardinal cards - I want 'em all - but everything about this card, from photo to jersey, is Yankees.

Oh well. Still a card I needed, but I let out a groan when I noticed!


  1. At least Upper Deck didn't try to paint him into a Cardinals uniform for the card.

  2. If we collectors think they're stupid why don't the card companies?

  3. I got the Griffey of this relic issue at a card show for two bucks because the seller claimed it was damaged. I have yet to find the damage. I thinik the dealer thought there was something missing from the UD logo shape around the relic. Seeing yours only cements my belief that mine is fine.

    It's still a nice card, bro! Let it slide...

  4. I dunno man, that looks like a Cardinals card to me. ;).

  5. it's also one of the reverse negative cards ud issued that year.