Monday, October 13, 2014

My first box topper

I don't buy boxes other than blasters, so I don't get to pull fun stuff like box toppers. Luckily, other bloggers do it for me.

Tony L. from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards pulled a Jacoby Ellsbury A&G box topper and was nice enough to send it along to me. It's pretty cool...cooler than I expected, anyways. The size is just a bit weird, so not sure how to store. What do you guys do for storing box toppers?

I didn't say much about Ellsbury during this past baseball season. He had a decent first year in NY. Surprisingly, he stayed healthy, playing in 149 games. He was very streaky. He started off on fire, then had a massive slump, then caught fire again and so on. His season was full of peaks and valleys.

Overall, I did enjoy his first year in Pinstripes. He can win a game in many different ways, and he did a nice job taking advantage of the short porch. He played great D, although his arm is pretty suspect. He swiped 39 bases. I was expecting more, but that's not awful.

I'm worried about the next six years of him. He won't stay healthy. He ran less this year, and that's concerning to me for a player who relies on his legs. I'll take it year by year for now, and hope he builds upon his 2014 campaign. I'd be happy with the same numbers again, and let those other slackers rebound.

Tony, thanks for this cool card!


  1. The Dutch Card Guy traded me the McCutchen version last month. They have a pretty cool look to them. I display mine on a Ultra Pro card holder.

  2. A few Red Sox fans told me I'd warm up to Ellsbury. They were wrong, dead wrong.

  3. I regret and I don't regret not collecting A&G this year (if you know what I mean).

    The black and white Pastime's Pastimes inserts, along with the box toppers are fabulous, maybe the best inserts I've seen in a long time.