Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Royal contest winnings

With the World Series starting tonight, I figured I’d show off a contest prize I won from Josh over at Royals and Randoms from his Baseball Sheep contest waaaaay back in the spring. I’m sure when Josh had this contest, he didn’t think he’d be getting ready to watch the Royals in the World Series on October 21..or reading a post about the winnings five months later. Oops.

As for the World Series, I can honestly say I don’t care who wins. I’d love for it to be a good, competitive series. Go American League and DH, I guess? Pitchers batting is dumb.

Moving on, here’s some of the winnings Josh sent me. I finished second in the contest. Not bad, eh? It was a big ‘ol box of cards I received, so here are some highlights.

We’ll start with the hits since you all hate base cards (kidding, kidding). A very cool jeter All-Star manupatch from Upper Deck. I didn’t know manupatches were being made so long ago. I thought it was a recent Topps thing. 
Two more hits in the form of future Yankee first basemen Greg Bird (no, really), and a catcher they should have kept. 
I like this Jeter Stadium Club, mid-bubble with a guest appearance by Cal Ripkin. Pretty cool. 
I love it when unforgettable moments make it on cards. The ‘double stolen base’ by Johnny Damon in the 2009 World Series was so cool, and I’m glad it made it into this set.
There was NO SHORTAGE of vintage, which is always most appreciated. Let’s start off with Thurman Munson. I will never, ever say no to a vintage Munson card. How could you? Just look at that face! 
Here’s a couple more, including a near-complete 1976 Topps team set. Freaking great stuff! 
Thanks, Josh. Good luck in the World Series!


  1. Given how promising Roller, Ford and Spencer have looked Bird has some stuff competition for the 1st base job.

    1. Yeah, I think if Roller was viewed as legit he would have been up last year. Not sure what else he could have done. Ford and Spencer will be interesting to watch for sure.

  2. Love the last bunch of cards. The Munson is great. I think I gave an extra 72 Munson. Do you want it