Thursday, November 20, 2014

Rad Chrome from Brad

A while back, Brad from Brad's Blog broke a case of 2014 Topps Chrome. I claimed a few Yankee autos (three to be exact), and Brad sent though a large chunk of other Chrome cards and inserts, as well as a second team bag full of Yanks.
It was the first bit of Chrome base cards I've received this year, and I know have the full team set thanks to Brad.
These Sepia Refractors are so nice. I'm really impressed with them.
Here are the aforementioned autos. Sadly, only Murphy is still with the Yanks. I'm happy to have this certified auto, as the TTM auto I have of him is a bit light and hard to read. Anna and Solarte both made the Yanks Opening Day roster, but were not with the team by the end of the season.
Tanaka time! Up to this point, I only had one Tanaka. Brad doubled that for me.
I hope I keep receiving Jeters in future trade packages. I'll never have enough.
Lastly, I just thought this card looked really nice with the red border. It fits.

Brad, thank you sir!


  1. It's got to be tough to be a Yankees' collector at times, if only for the infinite parallels that Topps has and the infinite number of Yankees that seem to show up in every set!

    1. Well, I know I'll never get 'em all and I've accepted that, so it's not too tough anymore.

  2. Brad really hooks people up on trades. Congrats on all the Yanks!

    Be on the lookout for package soon. Shipped one out today. Probably Saturday or Monday....