Sunday, February 8, 2015

My first 2015 Topps

I finally grabbed some 2015 Topps on Saturday morning. We needed a few groceries and a birthday present for a 3-year-old, so naturally I urged the family unit to hit up Target because I needed some Series One.

I grabbed a hanger box and loose pack. I wanted a blaster, but decided I'd be better served by a hanger. I just wish the giant brick was as fun to break as individual packs.

I opened the loose pack first, and here's my first card:
Yep, former Yankee Vidal Nuno. I had no idea Nuno went 0-7 with Arizona, although he pitched better than his record indicated. I don't miss him though.

After flipping through the cards a few times, here's what I think:

1. I like the design as much as I hoped I would. Well done, Topps.
2. I hope a signature sticks nicely to them. They feel a little slick. Might need to rub them down a touch.
3. I'm surprised by how treated the photos are. They look like a Gypsy Queen photo.
4. I like the Topps Gold parallels. They remind me of 2001 Topps Gold. The border looks great.
5. The inserts are underhwhelming and all blend together. Kind of like Gold Standard/Golden Moments/Golden Futures a few years back, they all just seem so similar and the sets are so large. I miss the 12-card "RBI Kings" insert sets from Fleer Ultra. Admittedly, I'm not in it for the inserts, but I do wish they offered a little more sizzle.

That's all I've got. I'm excited to get the Yankees team set a few Pineda parallels.

1 comment:

  1. I liked the First Pitch inserts, but all the rest seemed like they were just there because you can't sell a baseball card set without a bunch of inserts in 2015.

    I like the foil parallels better than the gold one, but I doubt I'll really try to collect either.

    As far as signability goes, I assume that everything other than Heritage and Ginter needs to be rubbed down every year. It's safer, even though it means more work.