Sunday, February 22, 2015


We all know Zippy Zappy is the resident Luis Torrens collector around here. I promise I checked with him to see if he needed it before claiming it as my own. He assured me he had it, so into my Yanks prospect collection it goes!

I'm really excited to see if Torrens can turn into the next great Yankees catching prospect. From Dioner Navarro to Jesus Montero to John Ryan Murphy to Gary Sanchez, the Yanks have a knack for having high-end catching prospects. They haven't always panned out, although Montero turned into Michael Pineda and there's still hope for Murphy and Sanchez.

He'll be starting the year in Charleston as an 18-year-old (turns 19 in May), so he's advanced for his age. Something tells me we are going to see him on Top 100 prospect lists at this time next year. I'm also going to make the prediction that he'll be representing the Yanks at the 2015 Futures Game for the international squad. That is, unless Yoan Moncada is a Yankee (note: I'm writing this on Friday, so perhaps he will have signed someplace by then).


  1. Oooh, nice :).
    And Luis Torrens isn't going to be in the same class as Dioner Navarro or Jesus Montero, he's going to be in the same class as Bill Dickey and Yogi Berra. Just you wait and see ;).

  2. Wait, what? (Looks at already dwindling pile of LUUUUUUIIIIISSS cards in trade box and shakes head.).

    I'm going to need to refill to keep you two happy.

  3. I saw in the paper that he's going to need surgery. Hope he recovers without any lasting issues.