Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TTM Success: Jeff Weaver

Lately, I seem to gravitate towards sending TTMs to players from the late '90s and early 2000s. I think it's because I grew up watching those players, so I prefer to send to them since I have actual memories of seeing them play.

Jeff Weaver fits that bill. While his time in NY was not what Yankee fans hoped it would be, I still remember how big of a deal it was when the Yanks acquired him in 2002. Many within the game viewed Weaver as a future ace, and he was just 25 and signed to a pretty reasonable deal. It was a deal the Yanks had to make when it was presented to them.

He spent a year and a half with the Yanks, then was traded to LA for Kevin Brown. He bounced around for a few more years, won a ring with St Louis in 2006, and ended his career as a reliever with the Dodgers.

Weaver signed a few cards for me c/o his home in just under a month. I love the way the Fleer card out, as the surface was perfect for a signature.
Speaking of TTMs, I have a decent-sized batch going out to spring training this week. I'm not sending much more than 25 this year, as the past couple years, my success numbers have been getting worse and worse. Keep in mind I rarely send to superstars, so it's a bit disturbing to see lesser-known players signing less and less. Oh well, that's how the game works.


  1. Cool success! It doesn't seem like either Weaver brother truly lived up to expectations, both have been relatively solid though. The Fleer card looks excellent signed.

  2. Nice additions! Good luck with the new batch this spring. If I am lucky, I will get ten sent out. Hopefully I will get at least two back.

  3. Do you get many responses without signatures? Are cards returned to you at a decent rate regardless of whether the player signs?

    The only TTM I ever attempted was to Juan Gonzalez during his prime - I probably shot too high, never heard anything back.

    1. It's a little of everything. Sometimes I never hear back. Sometimes I get unsigned cards.

      I do some research though, and usually send to guys who have a good track record of signing. Other times, I take a shot. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't.

  4. Man that's an awesome return. Congrats :).