Monday, May 11, 2015

16 for 16

Michael Pineda is the ace of the Yankees pitching staff. There is no two ways about it right now, especially with Masahiro Tanaka sidelined. While I'm still nervous he won't stay healthy all season, watching him take the ball every 5th day has been a pure joy.

With yesterday's dominant 16 K, 0 walk performance in only 7 innings of work, I thought I'd show 16 Pineda cards today to celebrate.


  1. I thought of you when I heard he dominated. He is on my fantasy team!

    Great cards. That All Star patch is fantastic!

  2. Awesome post, and even more awesome cards! My friend actually won $200 tickets to the game yesterday, and gave them to my dad and I, so I definitely enjoyed watching the Yankees combine for 18 K's. Is there any chance you would trade any of the Pineda autographs, or the all star patch? Please email me at,

    If you are. Thank you!

    1. Sorry Frankie, he's a PC guy of mine, so I'm unlikely to deal any of his autographs at this time.

  3. 16 K's and not even completing the game is pretty amazing, out of 21 outs 16 of them didnt even get the ball in play!