Friday, May 22, 2015

Not to get all Zappy on you, but...

I'm going to get sappy on you for a second. Actually, no. I'm going to get ZAPPY on you.

Every, let's say, six to eight weeks, I'm on the victorious end of a Zippy Zapping. Kenny, of Torren' Up Cards, loves (at least I think) hitting me with these epic card packages.

One thing I always enjoy, almost as much as the cards, is the creative way that Kenny packages. Last time, it was the re-created Bowman box. This time, it was a large stack of cut 9-pocket pages. It was like a PWE on PEDs. He could get a job in product packaging in a second if he ever wanted.
See? Good stuff.

So what did he send? Everything. I don't even know where to start.

I'll start with Eric Jagielo. Jagielo gets a little overshadowed by Aaron Judge now, but let's not forget that he was drafted ahead of him. Oh, and he's at .287/.382/.558 with 7 HRs so far in AA. Not shabby. I know Zippy likes Jagielo a lot, so I appreciate the autos.
I wish Jose Contreras got a longer leash with the Yanks. He wasn't awful with them, he just wasn't as expected. He still put up some decent numbers, especially in his first year. They traded him away for Esteban Loaiza, who sucked. Plain and simple. Contreras then went on to be an All-Star, and play a key role on the White Sox World Series team. Sigh.
I like Angelo Gumbs mostly because of his sweet ass name.
Peter O'Brien is interesting. The Yanks turned him into Martin Prado, then turned him into Nathan Eovaldi, among others. So they essentially turned an all-bat prospect into a 25 year old starter. Not a bad swap. O'Brien can hit and hit and hit. He had 34 HRs last year, and nine already this year. He just can't catch. But his power is going to carry him to the Bigs. He'd be a good DH.
What in the world? Ren and Stimpy Mojo?
Vintage! How did I take this long to get to these? National effin Chicle of a dude named Dixie? That's the '30s for you. How great is the back of the card? I mean, what a batting tip! Except, no, you can't step out of the box anymore. Oh, the PURISTS must be livid at this new rule since you could step out in the 1930s!
This card isn't that old compared to the Chicle.
Fast-forwarding a bit to new author Jorge Posada.A 1994 Bowman's Best RC. This ain't no reprint, son. This is the kind of card from the kind of set I would see in Beckett growing up. The ones I never saw in person or ever dreamed I'd own. They didn't sell these at CVS.
My first silk, and it's sooooo smooth!
I can't really mention Posada without Andy Pettitte, and here's a lovely rookie of the lefty.
From one ace to another! #BigMike! I needed this one. I'm up over 100 different Pinedas right now, and it's getting tougher and tougher. His prices are going up, up, up on eBay.
I don't think I've met any one collector who knows as much about the Minors, especially the Yanks' affiliates, then Zippy Zappy. He loves his minor league baseball, and his dedication to the Staten Island Yankees is admirable. He's also got, hands down, the best Luis Torrens collection out there. I can't imagine any collector out there has a better one. I am fortunate that he has probably acquired dupes and can spare ones like these for me.
And here are a few more prospects that we both like a lot, especially Jacob Lindrgen!
Jeter, on a Sega Gen? Yes, please. I really need to count my Jeters. I want to know how many I have. If it's less than 500, I am going to try and get to 500. If more, I may go for 1,000. Because, well, why not?
And a couple more fun ones that I love...
I think this is a great way to end it. Thanks, ZZ!


  1. That was a great Zippy Zapping. Very creative and full of great cards. Kenny is the man!

  2. That's quite an array of cards there! Love the National Chicle.

  3. I've already begun compiling another pile for you. I think I already have 50 cards with your name of them.

    1. Oh man. I'm going to be on the next episode of Hoarders because of you!

    2. That's all I ever could've wanted.

  4. A great Zapping! Gotta love the Dixie Walker!

  5. Nice stuff, I've got that Dixie Walker, it's a cool card for sure! I'm very content with what the Yankees got in return for Peter O'Brien; despite Eovaldi's struggles I'll take him in a heartbeat.

  6. Great Zapping indeed. Diamond Stars one of my favorite sets

  7. Wow. You don't see cards exchanged like between collectors of the same team very often. You guys are awesome!

  8. Not sure what's nicer... the silk Posada or the lovely 1/1 at the end.

  9. I think getting Zippy-Zapped just became a life goal for me.


    Who is that on the beautiful Bowman? Great post, LC!