Thursday, May 28, 2015

The King of second-guessing

File this under: not sure why I bought this.

I already have two Jim Leyritz TTM autos, so I'm not sure why I decided to buy a certified auto. Really, I don't. It's an ugly shiny sticker. It's not that great of a card. Maybe if it was a "World Series heroes" card or something that would have been different. I don't know.

However, for some reason, I grabbed it.

Leyritz was a guy I didn't appreciate until after he left the Yankees. He had that weird post-pitch bat twirl that would probably get him banned from baseball now. He was a solid contributor in the early to mid 90s as the Yankees were turning into a good squad. He played a key role on the 1996 team, and will forever be known for the bomb he hit in the World Series.

He then left and bounced around a bit amonst a few teams from 1997-1999. Then in 1999, he was reacquired by the Yankees and hit a big World Series homer once again.

Post-baseball hasn't gone particularly smoothly for him, as he was the subject of a vehicular manslaughter case. No good.

Here are the aforementioned TTM autos:


  1. I often fall in the same trap with guys that don't have much in the way of certified releases. At least in most circumstances the price is equivalent to buying a couple packs at Target.

  2. His kid is playing in a new league in my town. It's hard for me to like the guy (the dad, not the kid) because of his various issues.

  3. He's certainly had his issues over the years, but I've met him twice and he's been extremely friendly on both occasions. I'm still not the biggest fan of his, but I think/hope he's beginning to truly get his act together