Friday, May 8, 2015

My three favorite cards

Frankie is having a contest over at My Life In The Sports Card Hobby. Go join!

I honestly think that this post might change every day, but here are my three favorite cards as of this second:

Yeah, it's beat up, but it's my only Mantle base card. I have a few others - checklists and subsets, but this is my only true base, and I'll always love it.
This was my first TTM success from Tino Martinez, my favorite player. Tino doesn't sign much through the mail, but I sent to him while he was injured one September, and the envelope came back on my birthday!
This card was a Listia win, and the seller also sent a bunch of autographs with it. I have a couple Rizzuto autos, but this is the only certified one.

If you asked me this question tomorrow, my answer would be probably be different. Picking just three is really hard.


  1. I love the Mantle! Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to pick up a nice Mantle...

  2. Great cards. One of these days I'll add a vintage Mantle base card to my PC. As for picking three... I'm running into the same problem. But I think I've figured out a solution ;)