Thursday, March 24, 2016

I love the smell of contest victory in the morning

Some time ago, I was lucky enough to win a contest on the well-run blog I Love The Smell of Cardboard In The Morning. Tim is one of the surprisingly few Yankees bloggers out there, so I always appreciate swing by his blog and checking out what Yanks he's showing off, in addition to the other teams and players he collects.

I recently received my package, and I was shocked by the card that headlined it:
Whoa whoa whoa, why was this not in my collection?! It's true. A card of Tino from 1987 exists, and I had never come across it. I am a failure as a super collector. I am very, very grateful to now add this to my PC. Seriously, I am as disappointed in myself as I am excited to now own it.
I love this as well. It's another not-so-gentle reminder that Pacific in the late '90s was freakin' awesome.
Ohhhhhh shiny. So the day this card arrived, I had put in a bid on eBay on this exact card. Luckily I didn't win! It's a pink foil parallel #'d 46/50. It's pretty!
I admit I know next to nothing about turn of the century Stadium Club. This is a pretty insert. It's like 2016 Topps Perspectives, only nicer and better and not lamer.

Here is how Tim rounded out the package:
Tim, you are the man. I'm really psyched about that Tino. Thanks, my friend!


  1. Love that USA Tino! Also, am I the only one sees brass knuckles before they see a crown in those Pacific Crown Royales? Maybe I just have issues.

    1. Damn, those are brass knuckles. Pacific is even more badass than I thought!

  2. Bringing the heat! #supertraders

  3. Sorry it took so long to deliver the contest goods, but I'm glad it seems like it was worth the wait. I'm happy I was able to find a few Tino cards that you needed!

  4. They need to make a card of Pineda with his pine tar arm.

  5. Nice Tino! He was one of my favorites too