Wednesday, March 9, 2016

TTM Success: Austin DeCarr

My second spring training TTM success arrived yesterday, and it's a good one. Yankees pitching prospect Austin DeCarr signed two cards for me. I must mention that I did offer for him to keep one of the cards, yet he signed both and even personalized one.
DeCarr was a 2014 3rd round draft choice out of a Connecticut prep school (spent a post-grad year there), and unfortunately missed last season with Tommy John surgery. It appears his rehab has gone well, and hopefully he'll be taking the mound again early this summer.

Turnaround time was only 9 days, which is pretty fast from NJ to Tampa and back. I thank Austin for his generosity, and wish him the best of luck this season.


  1. Nice return from DeCarr. I'm not sure whether to send him a request or wait to see if he comes to SI.

  2. Went to the Connecticut high school with him. Lived in the same dorm during his time there. Night before he graduated got his autograph. Actually was one of the greatest kids