Friday, March 11, 2016

TTM Success: Eric Jagielo

So I cheated a little bit. I had already had a TTM success from a few years ago from Eric Jagielo, the former Yankees prospect now with the Reds. He was one of the pieces the Yanks sent to Cincy for Aroldis Chapman.

However, I had reason for sending to him. I had this:
Man that would look fancy with a second signature on it, wouldn't it? Therefore, I present this:
Looks great, eh? It's sad that these guys are no longer in he organization together. The Yankees had three first rounders that year - Ian Clarkin, Aaron Judge, and Jagielo. Judge is certainly the top prospect of the bunch, on the cusp of the Majors. Clarkin is still a top prospect despite missing last season with an injury. Jagielo performed perfectly fine, but has caught the injury bug a bit. Still, I wouldn't be shocked if he ended up being a very solid offensive player for Cincy in the not-too-distant future. I wish him the best!

He also signed two cards for me. I'll probably toss one of these to Cardboard Clubhouse in a SuperTraders package at some point.


  1. I'm pretty jealous of that dual. I should've done the same with the three 2013 first rounders.


  2. Great success! Gonna miss Jagielo but ultimately, Cashman made the right baseball move here.