Wednesday, March 23, 2016

SuperTraders #5: Off Hiatus Cardboard

I remember reading somewhere that Tony of Off Hiatus Cards is the king of oddballs. Well, this #SuperTraders package he sent really lived up to his reputation.

Honestly, check out all of these oddballs from various Dover Publications baseball books. I must preface and say that these are reprints. Were they not, I would give Tony a giant kiss. I would also sell the cards, shut down my blog, move away to a warm climate, and forget about this whole life. But the perforated edges prove that they are indeed reprints, so I will keep the blog running, keep living in my too-small house in overpriced NJ, and just enjoy them being a part of an epic #SuperTraders package.
A lot of beauties, eh? This Chesbro is pretty cool, but it belongs in someone else's collection. You know who I'm talkin' about. He'll be getting it.
I also really like these old Drake's cards. I remember having a lot of these growing up, but no clue where they are now.
Front Row! I also had a bunch of these sets growing up. Every so often, I got a catalogue from a company called Mail Order Concepts (later Mail Order Collectibles). Anyone else remember them? They sold autographs, cards, memorabilia, etc. I always remember them having some great deals. One time, I brought a grab box that was literally a $10 box stuffed with cards and odds and ends. It was a huge box! I remember an Allen Iverson auto being in my box, as well as some random sets and packs.
A whole bunch of oddball Mattinglys!
Some sweet Pacific Invincible. Man, '90s cards rock. I'm sorry to those of you who missed out on Pacific. I really am. Why these inserts each came with A and B versions I'm not sure, but I'm glad I now have 'em both for each card.

I've been seeing Panini Contenders popping up all over the place. I actually love them. Tony was nice enough to fish out the Yanks for me of guys in their college jerseys, including Aaron Judge, Robert Refsnyder, and Jeff Degano. I totally forgot Reggie went to ASU!
Oh, and this Severino guy might be pretty good.
Tony rounded out a package with some Topps minis.

Just great stuff all around, and a blast to go through. Thanks, Tony!


  1. "This Chesbro is pretty cool, but it belongs in someone else's collection. You know who I'm talkin' about. He'll be getting it."

    Curses, I'll have to track them down and trade for it. ;).

    Well done Tony, that was quite a haul.

  2. Great package from Tony. My favorite the old school colors R. Jackson

  3. Great cards all around. Other than the fact they're those darned Yankees, JK, lol. Especially like those Dover cards, I don't think I own any.

  4. I'm having a little Berra Front Row envy. Gotta get these. Tony knows how to please. Great stuff!!!