Saturday, February 18, 2017

Highly under-promising and completely over-delivering

It was all so innocent.

In an email exchange, Brian of Highly Subjective andCompletely Arbitrary mentioned he was looking to unload some of his extra cards, and asked if I wanted some of the Yankees. Sure, I said. I can always use them for TTMs and whatnot since I’m a disorganized collector who doesn’t have want lists. I gladly offered to pay for shipping, but Brian said I was doing him a favor.

Seriously, what kind of guy sends a flat rate full of Yankees, and says I’m doing him a favor? Brian, that’s who.

I was expecting a lot of cards I already had that would be great for TTMs, and to be fair, there is a ton of TTM fodder. But Brian also massively undersold a bunch of the cards he’d be sending my way. I was expecting a lot of dupes, but honestly, that was far from the case. The box had it all!

I’m not even sure where to start, so I guess I’ll show off some vintage first, which I wasn’t expecting in the least. The oldest card:
Yep, 1955 Bowman. Great set. The most surprising card?
Wow. A Munson 1976 Kellogg’s! Holy smokes. It’s in excellent condition too. I believe I only have one other Kellogg’s card in my collection, and definitely not Munson. This is a treasure.

Ok, fast forward from vintage to present:
Those 2016 Bowman’s Best cards are great. I didn’t even know these existed, but those are legit cards from 2016 that feature Sanchez and Judge in Big League uniforms talking about Big League accomplishments. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s getting harder to acquire Sanchez cards, so this is very appreciated.
Two Big Mikes I didn’t have! I was surprised to check my “haves” list and that the 2016 Gyspy Queen wasn’t on there. I guess I’ve been slacking on his newer stuff.

There were some great minor league cards too. Ruben Rivera and Mark Hutton were featured in a ton of products, by the way. 
Speaking of the minors, how about this managerial card??
I have fond memories of Tate Seefriend as a Binghamton Met. He was a great power hitter. I might try and locate an address for him to try and get a TTM autograph.
Refractors and shiny cards were aplenty as well! I really like the pink Dellin.
And a couple other personal favors, although I’m still not doing the package justice.
Brian, I know you said I did you a favor, but that just can’t be so. This was a classic case of under-promising and over-delivering. Thank you for all of these!


  1. Great! A few of those cards were picked up specifically to trade to Yankees fans at some point, but now I have all kinds of room for more Yankees. Now I just need to find a Royals fan!

  2. Holy cow that's a lot of cards! And a lot of nice cards, too - not just flagship base and 50 copies of Melky Cabrera.

    Tate Seefried sounds familiar, and I don't know why. Maybe I saw him hit a homer in a minor league game.

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  4. Love some of those action shots Brian included. But the icing on the cake was the Kellogg's Munson. What a beauty!

  5. Kellogg's Munson and my beloved Bucky Dent. just wow.