Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Voice of Yankee Stadium

In 2017, it’s really easy to have a custom card made. Many times, I’ve gone on the Rookies App and printed off a pack of cards, and use those cards for TTM purposes. Here’s an example:
That took a whole 20 seconds to make. On my phone.

Growing up, it wasn’t this easy. When I wanted to send a TTM request and my subject didn’t have a card – or an easily attainable card – I had to improvise.

In one such instance, I wanted to send a card to longtime Yankees PA announcer Bob Sheppard, The Voice of Yankee Stadium. Hmm, but what to send? Luckily I had a bunch of Yankee pocket schedules, so I sent him one of those. He graciously signed and returned it:
I wish he had signed the cover, but alas, still a very cool success of a true baseball legend. His signature sure matches the precision in which he spoke.


  1. Very cool signature of a true New York legend. I've gotta try out that rookies app, since Topps doesn't print my personalized card in bulk anymore :(

  2. Per Derek Jeter, "The voice of God." Fun Fact: Sheppard was the only announcer for Derek Jeter. They had a recording that they played after his death, until Jeter retired.