Wednesday, February 8, 2017

TTM Success: CC Sabathia

Recently, I've been feeling a little bummed. In a few of the forums I follow, I've seen some CC Sabathia TTM autos rolling in from guys who sent to him a year or two ago. I sent him a request last spring, but as I mentioned yesterday, mail forwarding hasn't been very kind to me. I was worried I'd never get it back.

However, in the stack of mail that the current tenants graciously put aside for me, there was one lone TTM SASE. I really, really wanted it to be Sabathia, and was thrilled when this fell out:


I couldn't remember which card I even sent to him, but I think I made a good choice. The signature looks great, and you really can't argue with a Topps Heritage of any kind. The surface is ripe for an auto, so there was no bubbling or anything of the sorts.

This is my first Sabathia auto, as I don't own any certified autos of his. I'm very, very happy to add this!


  1. Awesome return! Between Clemens and CC, you've been getting some stellar rotation returns lately. What's next? Tanaka, Petite, Mussina? Haha!

    1. I've gotten Pettitte and Mussina before! Tanaka would be awesome.

  2. I bet it is extra rewarding to get the established guys. It is always cool to see that some of them still sign.