Monday, February 27, 2017

ToppsNOW: Gary Sanchez

I enjoyed the concept of ToppsNOW last year. Like many of you, I think the price is a bit outrageous at $9.99 per card, but after my first few purchases, realized I could buy them on eBay for quite a bit less. SO after ordering probably four or five from Topps, I then just started turning to eBay for any I wanted after.

I was still paying like $6-$7 a card, which is kind of crazy for a frugal card-spender like myself, but I really enjoyed watching Gary Sanchez, and wanted these cards as a testament to his rookie season.

I'm only missing one from the season, which I really should just bite the bullet on and buy on eBay before it gets impossible to find. It's #368 - 5 HRs in 15 games. The first card, from August 10, was going for like $80-$100 on eBay for awhile. It was tempting, but I hung onto it.

I'm not sure what my strategy will be for 2017 regarding ToppsNow, but we'll see soon enough. For now, here's a look back at my 2016 Gary Sanchez haul.


  1. My strategy for 2017 Topps Now is to buy every Vogelbach card and any cards representing a player who wouldn't normally have a card in Topps flagship.
    I didn't realize Sanchez had so many Topps Now cards last year.

  2. The freaking Pirates already have a spring training card. Ugh!!!! Of course I bought it last night because I'm a weak pathetic person.

    1. They are doing ST?! I hadn't even thought to look. I'm sure I'll end up buying one from Topps so I stay on their mailing list.

  3. A Topps Now card was fetching $80 to $100? Okay. I'm going to bookmark this post and the next time I feel bad for spending $50 on a Kershaw autograph, I'm going to come back here and tell myself that everything is okay.