Monday, September 18, 2017

Bam Bam

There are some guys that are nearly automatic TTM signers, yet for whatever reason, I have had trouble getting a response from them. Two of those guys are currently with the San Francisco Giants - Hensley Meulens and Dave Righetti. I have sent both multiple requests, without success.

I can finally check off Sir Hensley Meulens, as he returned my three cards signed over the weekend. I sent these in July, so about two months time.
Meulens was a big prospect for the Yankees, although never really transferred his minor league success to the Majors. He played for the Yankees from 1988-1993, then with the Expos in '97 and the D-backs in '98. Can't say I recalled him playing for the latter two teams. He played in Japan from 1994-96.

Since 2010, Bam Bam has served as the hitting coach for the Giants.

I'm happy to have these back, and hope I can add Righetti soon too!


  1. Congrats, Sir Bam Bam is a fun one to get.

    The automatic signer who's eluded my collection has always been Gordon Beckham.

  2. I don't remember this dude at all, but just read about his nickname and knighthood. Pretty cool stuff.

  3. I remember chasing the Bam Bam Muelens pre-rookie card from a STAR set... them were the days!

  4. The worst is when you see multiple guys post returns they sent the same time as you and your mailbox is empty. I can't get Andrew Miller or Cameron Maybin.

  5. That's s home run! Congrats for getting these back.

  6. I hope Rags signs some cards for you. If he does... maybe I'll give him a shot. I'd love to have him sign his rookie card for my collection.