Monday, September 11, 2017

I'm not a weekly poster, I promise

A TTM success! And a blog post!

I don’t plan on being a once-a-week blog poster. Truth is, after we got my daughter home from her 7-day hospital stay, that very night I woke up with a 103+ fever. Allow me to be a baby, but fevers as adults completely suck. This just floored me until overnight Friday, when my fever finally broke, and still spent most of the weekend recovering. Boo hoo me, I know. Not looking for sympathy, just saying that I had zero desire to pound out a blog post, even one as simple as this.

Regardless, one of the days shuttling between home and the hospital, a SASE returned to me. I was surprised to find this:
A Chris Dickerson autograph! Although it got a little mangled during transit.

I didn’t remember sending it out, and upon checking my records, I sent the request to Orioles spring training in mid-February. Nice to get one of those ones back!

Dickerson spent the season in Norfolk, the Orioles AAA franchise. Already 35 years old, hopefully he gets another shot in the Majors one day.


  1. I thought about tweeting your way this weekend...but then I just got angry and thought better of it. Glad you are better.

  2. Glad to hear that your daughter is well and that you've overcome your fever. And nice Dickerson.

  3. 103+ fever people should not be thinking about posting.

    Also glad to hear that the daughter is doing well.

    Congrats on the TTM success also!

  4. Dude. I had a fever this weekend too. It totally sucks having a fever as an adult. Although... that feeling you get when a fever breaks is truly amazing. Glad you're feeling better.

  5. My daughter just started preschool so we have been dealing with sickness already. Glad to hear you and your little one are improving.

  6. Glad that both you and your daughter are feeling better. As for the card, he has a pretty nice signature!