Saturday, February 23, 2019


Recently, Fuji showed off his favorite relic card. Fuj, I'm going to steal your image:

I really like when Upper Deck used to brand a bat relic piece with a team logo. It added a nice looking element to an otherwise pretty boring piece of wood.
Recently, I picked up this Dave Winfield bat relic. I was emptying my COMC account of credits, and had around $2 left, and search for a "Yankee memorabilia card" to spend the remaining funds on. This one was probably the best of the bunch with was left, so I figured a card like this of a HOFer was worth it.

It may not be a press conference-used table cloth, but still a pretty cool card for a small price, and I do appreciate the extra step to make the relic look a little less bland.


  1. Lol. I just read Mario's post on the Machado press conference-used table cloth card. Gotta love our hobby. Congratulations on picking up that Winfield. That Legends of NY set produced a lot of cool cards. I'll be sharing one in my post later in the day.

  2. Yes, great card. Definitely worth the $2

  3. The table cloth thing is not necessarily surprising but it is so freakin lame. That's a nice Winfield card.