Friday, February 1, 2019

"Sources" got me

When Sonny Gray was about to be traded by the Yankees to the Reds, most "sources" indicated that the Yankees were getting back an infielder by the name of Shed Long. Cool name, and even cooler that the Yanks were getting a pretty solid prospect who was fairly close to the Majors.

So I, along with many other Yankee fans it seems, rushed out to pick up a few Shed Long autographs, which steadily climbed in price as the trade became closer and closer to be completed.

He probably would have slotted into the Yankees system in the 10-15 range, but it still would be cool to own an autograph of him.
So I bought two from the same seller. $4 each. No big deal.

Then the news of the trade broke. And Shed Long was included. And he did get the Mariners!

Womp womp.

So while "sources" were correct in that Shed Long was getting traded for Sonny Gray, what they didn't know until he trade was official was that Long would be shipped to the Mariners in a three-team deal, with the Yankees getting back 2018 second rounder Josh Stowers.

Oops! Sometimes it doesn't pay to jump the gun.


  1. I used to have this happen in a similar way when I was prospecting the Pirates hoping for anything of substance. The problem for me was I was looking up cards of Andy Laroche and Jose Tabata thinking they would help turn the franchise around. They were traded to the Bucs, but were utter garbage.

  2. Hopefully he has a solid Spring Training and lands himself in Seattle this season. This card could still turn into a decent piece of trade bait.