Thursday, January 31, 2019

Orange is the new Red

Sorry, that was a bad post title.
Adrian "Red" Autry deserves more than a bad blog post title. A four-year standout at Syracuse in the early 90s, Autry now serves at Jim Boeheim's associate head coach.

One of the first Syracuse games I went to was February 8, 1993. It was a Monday night game versus rival Georgetown. Autry led the way with 25 points in a 76-61 win. I sat way up in the nosebleeds, but it was a school night, so I felt pretty special going to a game an hour away with school the next morning.

While doing a card purge over the summer, I stumbled upon some of my old basketball cards, and found a few copies of this Autry from 1994 Classic. I opened a lot of this product when I was 10, for whatever reason. It had some good rookies in it though, specifically Jason Kidd.

I sent two copies to Autry, and he was nice enough to sign them both in only about a week's time.

One final note: man, I wish Syracuse would bring back that script for the men's uniforms. They've done it in one-offs, but I'd love to see it permanently. 


  1. Like you I opened a bunch of these cards for the same reason...Jason Kidd. A few years ago I found my old Jason Kidd fan club card. I was number 13 to sign up for the fan club.

  2. I've become a closet Syracuse fan. One of my former students is a Sophomore there and the past two years she brought me something "Syracuse" for either my classroom or my wardrobe during her breaks.

    As for that product... I opened a bunch too. Like CC... I was looking for Kidd.