Tuesday, January 8, 2019

1.6% of the population

I own 1.6% of the world's Tino Martinez 1998 Donruss Crusade Green cards.

That's not a very big number, and many of us own larger percentages of print runs. For example, we own 100% of a run on a 1 of 1. Or 20% of a print run if you have a card #'d to 5.

Still, having 4 of 250 of a rare 1990s insert is pretty cool. I'm not really setting out to hoard these, but when I find them on eBay for a good price, I tend to pull the trigger.

Here is the latest:
And here's my third:
The original dupe:
And the original, which I probably paid a ton for in the late '90s despite it having one of the printing flaws (a line through it).
I think my ultimate goal here would be 9 to fill up a binder page, but I'm not going to pressure myself into it. I'd much rather try and snag a purple or <gasp> red version.


  1. Cool card. I ONCE owned 3 of a John Elway card #d to/5. That was petty cool. I traded 2 of them away for cards I needed back then.

    1. I'd love to own a complete print run for something to like /5 or /10.

    2. This is something that has crossed my mind too - how possible is it to get a complete run on a card - say of 5 or 10, or simply choose say the one of the SNs that is for the year, like gold parallels and try to get even 100 of the 2000+ SN'd cards out there. Would look pretty cool in a number of binder pages...

  2. I didn't even know that there was such a thing as 1998 Crusade until you started mentioning these on Twitter, now that I know of their existence I kind of want one, not a Tino though... I'll leave those for you :)

  3. These are beautiful... but a 9-pocket page full of these will cause you to go blind!

  4. What about the Ty Hensley Leaf card that uses the same motif?

  5. I have made it a quest to get 9 of the 2005 Update McCutchen Golds numbered to 2005. I'm at 4 so far. With jersey relics I have gotten 3 of 5s on 2 different occasions. Its so hard to complete an entire run because the cards have to be pulled from packs then the seller has to want to list it on a platform you know to look for it.