Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Santa Cutch

Right before I took off on my holiday excursion, I came home to a mailing from Collecting Cutch himself. It was a holidays "just because" package, and was filled with some solid additions to round out 2018.
First, a hand painted and what I can only assume is a 1 of 1 Santa Cutch from Gypsy Queen. These are rare! I got a good chuckle when I saw this.
Now, on to the less rare cards. The biggest ticket item outside of the artwork is this sweet Michael Pineda Triple Threads. I've cooled with my Big Mike collection since he signed with the Twins, but hard not to like a card like this. On-card autograph plus awesome jersey swatch showing two pinstripes is really cool!
My next favorite card was a Bowman Chrome Gleyber Torres. I still get giddy when Gleyber finds a way into inbound packages. His cards still feel a bit rare.

Here are a couple of others I enjoyed.
Thanks to Collecting Cutch for thinking of me and being a good friend of the blog!


  1. I am very jealous (not in the bad way though) of you for getting that custom Santa Cutch card :)

  2. That Santa Cutch custom is awesome!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the cards. I got a few more paintings going out next week to other bloggers