Monday, November 23, 2020

The Derby, 23 years later

Topps Update is a complete mess. We all know this. Instead of just making a smaller set or forgoing it all together, Topps made what might be their worst set in years.

But in effort to still put out a large Update base set, Topps went back to the well to show old All-Star Games and Home Run Derbies.

While this was a peculiar choice, it gave me a Tino Martinez card to track down, along with a zillion parallels. As the victor of the 1997 Derby at Jacobs Field, Tino was honored with a card depicting his win. It was one of the biggest highlights for me watching baseball growing up, so I wasn't too upset to see him included here, despite the set being lackluster. I honestly put his victory on par for me personally with the four World Series titles, Gooden no-hitter, and Cone and Wells perfect games. Is the feat the same? No. But does it hold the same type of place in my heart? 

You bet.

I picked up the base card on Trading Card Database rather easily. I didn't even have to upload my entire collection. I just found a few people who were offering the card, and found some cards on their wantlist that I had on my trade list. That's all it takes.

The parallels haven't been so easy, so I had to turn to trusty eBay for the Yellow Walgreen's version.
I really like when I'm able to find the Topps hangers at Walgreen's. I found a lot of Update there last year. This year, I found two hangers of Series 2. But I try not to go to Walgreen's these days unless it's necessary. Each time I've had to go grab milk or vitamins, I check. And it's been months since I've seen cards there. It's probably for the best.

I'm would have been disappointed anyways given this turd of a set. Last year I pulled a yellow Vlad Jr RC. This year, the only yellow I really would have wanted is the one above. And it cost me less than half of what a hanger would have.

While it sucks to not be able to find cards to open, at least I'm saving by just buying the singles I want...something I should do anyways.


  1. I picked up a rack pack of Update - holy shit is this set bad.

  2. Nice pickup! Glad that Tino was represented in the set. I didn't even realize Update was out. But I don't pay attention really to the new product. I totally love just getting the cards I want/need, though naturally I miss opening packs.

  3. Worst set in years? Ouch. I don't think I've read a positive review on 2020 Update yet. Lol. Feel bad for all of those hoarders who bought out all of the retail supply before it hit the shelves. Lol. Not really.

  4. Is this going to be one of the ones that has 15 different 1/1's?

  5. I am having no luck tracking down the 2020 Update parallels. It makes me think that no one is opening the product.