Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cards from Night Owl

Before I left on my business trip, Greg the Night Owl sent me a nice package of Yanks. I definitely owe him some nice Dodgers in return.

My favorite card in the group is the 2011 Heritage Chrome Teixeira. I was not expecting this! It looks great and is definitely my first #'d Teixeira card. He also sent the Joba and Jeter base cards, so I'm on my way to collecting all the Heritage Yanks. Also included were a few Opening Day cards - Jeter base and spot the error, as well as Pettitte base and Superstar Celebrations insert.

There was also a nice assortment of other Yankee cards, including a 1973 Topps Bernie Allen. At the time, I needed this to send for my Topps Yankees Project, but have since gotten two returns from the 1973 set. Since Greg was nice enough to send this, I'm still going to send the TTM requets to Allen in hopes of getting his auto.

Thanks again, Greg! I'll be sending you some Dodgers in the next few weeks!

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