Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TTM Success: Steve Karsay for my Topps Yankees Project

In the beginning of February, I took a shot and sent a TTM request to former Yankees reliever Steve Karsay. The Yankees signed Karsay to a big deal in 2002 following a stint with the Braves (weird, that never happens...ahem Jaret Wright, Javy Vazquez, Kyle Farnsworth) and low and behold it didn't work out well. Karsay actually pitched well in 2002, but then injuries derailed his career. It's too bad because I really liked him, but just a prime example of why multi year deals for middle relievers are hardly ever a good idea. Sign me up for the Kevin Towers cheap bullpen approach.

Anyways, in about 5 weeks return time, Mr. Karsay signed my 2002 Topps card for my project - a year that I really needed! I also got greedy and snuck in a card from my favorite Topps Heritage set - 2002 in the 1953 design. Karsay was nice enough to sign that as well and it looks magnificent. I couldn't be happier with this success!

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