Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trade Review: Night Owl hoot hoot

One of the first blogs that I reached out to for a possible trade was Greg over at Night Owl. I really wanted to make a few deals early on to help jump start my blog, hoping to quickly establish myself in this card blogging world. I’m learning that patience goes a long way though. Followers naturally come, as do trade inquiries and collectors who randomly stumble upon my blog from other blog rolls and whatnot. I was in a rush early on, but I've slowed down and am just trying to have fun with this.

Anyways, I found a few late ‘90s Dodgers that were on Greg’s want list, and he agreed to send me a few Yankees in return . I believe I sent him a Kevin Brown card or two and a Piazza. Greg sent me a nice assortment of Yanks, including a 2011 Topps Kerry Wood, which I believe is the only 2011 Topps Yankee that I didn’t have yet. He also sent two great Jeter cards – a 2004 Fleer National Trading Day card and a 2009 UD Goudey. The Goudey is awesome…the card captures Jeter’s patented charge the ball and make an off-balance throw. Obviously all shortstops do this, but Jeter has a certain look to this play, just like his jump throw.

 Greg, appreciate the trade and the kind words about blogging.

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