Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pay Day Pack of Cards: 2011 Topps

On my home, I quickly jumped into a local sporting goods shop to get my second annual Pay Day Pack of Cards. All they had was 2011 Topps, so I grabbed a retail pack. I need more options. I would have loved to stop by my local over-priced card shop and gotten a different pack, but I was in a rush.

Here is what I pulled:

Milton Bradley 224
Bonderman 182
Lester 3
Gee 203
Morel 322
Greinke 108
Mora 186
Niese 147
Brett Gardner
Lou Brock 1965 Topps 60 YOT
Butler Topps Town
Ian Stewart shiny (second time I've pulled this one!)

Let me know if you need any of these. I think most people are set on 2011 Topps, but I'll post a trade list in the near future of base/inserts I have available.


  1. I need the Stewart, if you wanna hold it for our next trade.

  2. Oh and the Mora too. I have so few 2011s lol.