Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cards from Padrographs

Recently, Rod from Padrographs reached out and wanted to send me some Yanks. He mentioned he had a few die cuts and a stack of other cards. I’ll never say no that. It was an extremely generous package and I certainly appreciate the great cards.

Here are some highlights:

My two favorite cards are easily these two 2011 Bowman Chrome Futures Die Cut Gary Sanchez cards. One is the Refractor version and one is the X-Fractor or Bubblefractor or something. I didn’t have either of these cards – just the regular version – so now I have all three. Gary Sanchez is awesome and I really hope the Yankees don't trade him this winter. His name pops up in possible trades often, probably because he is so awesome.

Here are a few prospect cards. The Whitley is a blue parallel from Topps Pro Debut. It’s a very nice shade of light blue on the border. Why do the parallels in Opening Day and Pro Debut always look better than the ones in the flagship set? I’m also excited to get this Rob Segedin, as I sent this exact card to him TTM and never got it back. Glad to replace it. 

A few Gypsy Queens. Just love this set.

I was especially pumped to get these 2011 Topps HTA Yankee cards. I hadn’t seen these in person and I think they are really pretty cards. I didn’t ever expect to land any of these when I saw them posted on various blogs, so this was an exciting inclusion by Rod.

And here are a few more Yanks. No small names here.

Rod, I really appreciate the cards! Thanks again.

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