Thursday, December 8, 2011

Contest Winnings from $30 a Week Habit - Part 1

I don’t win blog contests often, but when I do they usually are really good ones. I was extremely lucky to win an awesome one from Robert at $30 A Week Habit. I missed his initial contest post, but found it in time to enter on the last day. Well, somehow decided to pull my name as a winner once the contest closed. Robert sent me a great prize which I’ll highlight in two posts.

I’ll first show off the four singles that Robert sent me. He knows I collect Yankees, so he sent me the following:

This is awesome! I traded away my only other ’75 mini relic, so I was pumped to get a new one, and a Yankee to boot! These are some of my favorite cards of the year, and adding a CC relic to the collection is always great. I would have been happy if this card alone was my contest prize. But it wasn’t.

Two fantastic Thurman Munson parallels! One from Lineage, one Liquorfractor from Topps Update.
Lastly, a Babe Ruth refractor from the Topps value boxes. Sweet looking card.

In part two, I’ll show off the contents from these:

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