Monday, June 25, 2012

A careless Series Two card

I was flipping through a few 2012 Topps Series Two cards and noticed this Vlad Guerrero. It’s a checklist card noting his accomplish as the All Time Domincan Hits Leader. Certainly a feat worthy of celebration.  

Upon closer look at the card and the text below Vlad’s name, Topps carelessly covered up part of the word “All” with the Orioles logo. It’s a minor detail, but it looks sloppy. It could have been easily avoided by shifting the text over to the right, or down, or even stacking it and making it two rows. The designer of the card should have been more cognizant of this as well. Have a little pride in your work


  1. good call. at least he didn't choose a photo with a more blatant object than a foul pole shooting out of vladi's head.

  2. It's careless to even still be putting out Vlad as an Oriole cards. Seem like filler material.