Friday, June 1, 2012

A plate of Bowman

Brian from Play at the Plate sent me a bunch of Bowman Yanks recently. I'm one of the few who likes Bowman every year since I'm a big Minor League Baseball fan. Here is what Brian sent:

Parallels woop woop! I actually have the Swisher Silver Ice, so I have a mini rainbow type thing going of sorts.

Chrome prospects. That's what I'm talking about. Tyler Austin is on his way to becoming a Top 30 prospect. Jose Campos was awesome before his arm injury. Greg Bird has a funny name. Rookie Davis...what happens if he is a 10 year MLB pitcher? Will his name change to Veteran? Vet? Now pitching, Vet Davis. That could work.

Dellin! You walk too many guys. You're like Ubaldo, and it's annoying because you have a chance to be so, so, so good.

Brian, thanks for the cards. Rangers heading your way soon.

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