Sunday, June 3, 2012

Denny's - 1996 Instant Replay set

I've always loved the Denny's Hologram sets. I've talked about them a few times on my blog. I'm going to try and buy all the sets here and there. I recently got a great deal on the 1996 set, these ones done by Pinnacle.

The 1996 set was called Instant Replay. Now, it's no so much a still hologram like years past, but a short movement. It's sort of a mini video. Boggs actually swings in his card. Barry Bonds slides. Ozzie Smith flips.

Here is the checklist, courtesy of

1 Greg Maddux
2 Cal Ripken, Jr.
3 Frank Thomas
4 Albert Belle
5 Mo Vaughn
6 Jeff Bagwell
7 Jay Buhner
8 Barry Bonds
9 Ryne Sandberg
10 Hideo Nomo
11 Kirby Puckett
12 Gary Sheffield
13 Barry Larkin
14 Wade Boggs
15 Tony Gwynn
16 Tim Salmon
17 Jason Isringhausen
18 Cecil Fielder
19 Dante Bichette
20 Ozzie Smith
21 Ivan Rodriguez
22 Kevin Appier
23 Joe Carter
24 Moises Alou
25 Mark McGwire
26 Kevin Seitzer
27 Darren Daulton
28 Jay Bell

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