Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tino Tuesday #43: 2012 Panini Limited Greats #16

I didn’t expect to have to find any 2012 Tino Martinez cards. He wasn’t a big enough player to make it any of Topps current sets, even the reprint heavy ones. Then the other day I was surfing eBay, and up pops a 2012 Tino from Panini/Leaf Limited. Argh, the unlicensed stuff! Of course!

I’m going to say that this is actually a picture of Tino from the late ‘90s. They didn’t photoshop out the stripe on his left sleeve, usually worn by the Yanks as a tribute to a player who has passed away. I’d say it’s a road uniform since that is probably a lot easier to doctor up than a pinstriped jersey.

The back is pretty boring. No stats and not much color. The card is numbered 11/299, so I’m guessing there are other versions I need to track down.

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  1. Well, an unlicensed new Tino is better than no new Tinos at all, right?? :)