Saturday, June 2, 2012

Taking some Yanks off of Night Owl's hands

Night Owl does not like the Yankees. I love them. When he came across a few odd 2012 Topps Yanks, I was able to pry them away for a wrinkly old Dodger card.

These cards are tricky to figure out. They are basically 2012 Topps Opening Day cards, without the Opening Day logo. They don't have any foil, and they look nice. I actually wish this is how the base set looked. The cards are numbered NYY1-4, numbers usually reserved for the team set. But these are past players, so that doesn't quite make sense. I did a quick Google search (very quick) and still couldn't find anything.

As much as I love him, it's odd seeing O'Neill next to Mantle, Berra, and Reggie. Maybe in terms of how much he was loved by fans, but certainly not in baseball ability. Anyhow, these are cool cards, and as perplexing as they are, they are equally cool.

N.O. also sent me this Roger Maris 2012 Gypsy Queen. He is the first blogger to send me any 2012 GQ, which means that not many people bought it, or that I haven't done many trades lately. I'll go with a combo of both.

Greg, enjoy the Preacher Roe. Thanks for the Yanks.

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  1. You're welcome. The book those cards came with should be hitting stores (or already in stores) if you're interested.