Friday, June 29, 2012

Welcome to the show, Adam Warren

Tonight, RHP Adam Warren makes his MLB debut. With two starters suddenly on the DL, the Yanks have been forced to call up reinforcements from AAA Scanton-Wilkes Barre. Unfortunately, Manny Banuelos is out with a sore elbow, so Adam Warren gets the call.

Warren is a big righty out of UNC who projects as a back of the rotation starter. I'd love to see him come in and have a few solid starts and give the team a boost.

I've gotten Warren twice TTM, so that makes me like him even more. Good luck tonight, Adam!


  1. Good luck to Warren. Hopefully he & Andy's replace will be able to keep the ship afloat until CC comes back/Cashman decides to trade for another pitcher on the trade market.

  2. I felt sorry for him tonight, already going out in the 3rd inning and giving away so many hits....