Friday, August 23, 2013

A Night Owl Connection

I bet you didn't know Night Owl and I went to the same high school. Different years, but still. So yeah, I'm bragging about that.

Recently, he sent me a nice stack of Yanks. I owe him a cool Dodgers Fan Favorites Refractor, but I stink at sending cards when I intend to, and it's sill sitting on my desk with a bunch of other cards I need to ship out. What's wrong with me?

Since he's getting a Fan Favorites card from me, here are my favorites from the batch he sent.

First and foremost, my second 1975 Topps Mini. This time, Mr. Bobby Bonds. These cards are just plain cool, and I think I only own one other Bonds card as a Yankee. Maybe I'll chase down a mini team set one day.
Next, the current Dodgers manager on an unlicensed card. I need to count my Mattingly cards. I'm sure I have around 200 of them, which is decent for not really trying. I really need to count my Jeters, Riveras, and Canos too.
I love diecuts, even with ARod on them. I can't imagine he'll be featured in too many more insert sets after this year, but knowing Topps, they'll keep running him out there. The Yanks do.
And the heir apparent to Mo, David Roberston on a great looking blue parallel. I may be in the minority, but I'd rather have Robertson keep his 8th inning role and bring in a new closer. He lives on the edge a little too much for me. I'm sure he'll be given every chance to close, but then you have to replace two spots overall - 8th inning and closer, as opposed to just one.
Thanks, Night Owl. Hope you like the Clem Labine...whenever I send it.


  1. You're welcome. Don't worry about the Clem. Chances are I'll forget all about it again. :)

  2. I agree about Robertson. He is a wizard about getting out of james. Problem is that he creates most of those james to begin with.

    1. I agree! He loves cleaning up his own messes.