Saturday, August 3, 2013

Part 2 of the Zippy Zappy package

Here is part two of the epic package sent by Zippy Zappy. There were a bunch of cards, and I figured this was a nice sampling:

I really like these mini Chrome Refractors. I’m not a huge fan of mini cards at all, but I’ve been all for these so far. I can’t wait for Hensley to get back on the mound next season. I expect big things from him.
 Hold the phones! I’m pretty sure this is a 2012 Bowman Chrome Blue Ice card. I expected the pattern to be the same as the Silver Ice, but they are definitely different. This reminds me of an old Upper Deck HoloGRFX card. Either way, a stop-in-your-tracks card.
Orange! I love Orange Refractors. Love them. I need to aggregate them all because I must be getting close to having at least one full team set. 
This card brings back a lot of memories. When we were five or six, my sister and I used to fight over this card. See, I had this version of the card, but Reggie was an Oakland A. She had the version with the Yankees. And she would never, ever let me have it. 
These cards always amused me because of the blue fabric. 
I really need to get Eduardo to sign this. It’s begging for his autograph.

My first 2013 Topps Pro Debut! Love these sets even though the logic behind “Pro Debut” is off.
Kenny, it’s all gold (or orange or blue ice). Thanks again, my friend.

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