Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TTM Success: Shane Spencer

I love getting TTM success from the Yankees of my childhood teams...mostly 1995-2001. Shane Spencer was a hero in 1998. He came up in August and went out and won a starting job on a team that won 114 regular season games. No easy task. I feel like it's rare these days...when a player comes up and refuses to be sent down.

Shane was in the new the past two days for an unfortunate reason. A caller impersonating him called into an Albany sports radio show and admitted to dabbling in PEDs. Jeter actually heard the interview when someone played it for him and called BS. He called Shane Spencer's cell phone (he is currently coaching for Somerset in the Patriot League), and he said he felt sick after hearing it. Spencer issued a statement saying that it wasn't him, and I hope people believe him. It was certainly irresponsible of the radio station to air, especially because the call came from a number that wasn't associated with Shane's contact info.

Regardless, I was thrilled to get these to cards back signed!

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