Friday, January 3, 2014

Joey's first 1952 Topps HOFer

No collection is complete without a 1952 Topps card. While many may like other sets from the 50's a bit more (I'm personally a 1953 and 1956 guy), 1952 changed the game. The checklist and design are as historic as they come. I've only got a few 1952 Topps cards of Yankees, and they are beat up old commons.

Well, my two-year-old son's 1952 collection now trumps mine. It doesn't in quantity, but does in quality. That's because Ryan from Ryan's Pitch blew me away with a package out of the blue for my son's HOF binder:
Yep, that is a 1952 Topps Red Schoendienst. Are you kidding me, Ryan?? My goodness. What an addition for my son's HOF binder that he has no clue exists. All things considered, the condition of this card is great. A slight crease in the upper right and along the right side, but one of the better 1952's I've seen.

Red was inducted into the HOF in 1989 by the Veteran's committee. He was a 10-time All Star and a member of two World Series championship teams. He also managed the Cards to another WS title in 1967. To his credit, he still stays around the game today even though he is 90.

Ryan, thank you so much for this gem. As tempting as it is to tuck it away in my collection, rest assured it's already in Joey's binder.


  1. Wow, that's an awesome card! Ryan sure hooked your son up! I may have to look for one of these for myself.

  2. Wow, what a start to the new year!